Club Championship 2017

Club Tournament/Championships Spring 2017

The draws have now been done for the tournaments.

• All results will need to be recorded on the sheets in the club house.
• Competitors are responsible for arranging their own matches by the deadlines set for each round. Don’t leave it to the last minute to arrange matches and if you know you are going to be away or tied up at any period during which your match is to be played then make contact with your opponent early to make arrangements. The first named player should take the initiative and make first contact.
• We will not call or email you to remind you about deadlines and we reserve the right to scratch one or both parties if matches are not played on time
• We will reinstate the losing semi finalist(s) if the finalists are not available to play on the Finals day as scheduled.
• Please note that all seniors matches will be played as the best of three sets with the first two sets being settled at 6 games all by a tie break. The third set will be a full set. All Junior and Family Matches will also be played over three sets as above but the third set will be replaced by a Championship Tiebreak – first player to reach 10 with 2 points clear.
• Substitution in the event of injury/illness can only be considered if no round has been played.
• Competitors who have not paid their subs by 7th April will be scratched
• In the event of any dispute the decision of the Tournament Sub Committee – (Iain Brown, David Gould,and Kim Foy) is final.

Tournament Court Bookings
For club tournament matches only, members will be able to book a court for a
maximum of 2 hours (instead of the usual 1) and up to 14 days in advance.
When booking the court, just select and enter ‘Club tournament’ as a 3rd player (singles), or the 4th player for a doubles match (instead of 1 of the players).
If you want to play 2 matches on the same day, please contact Iain Brown to
arrange a booking. If Iain is not available try Gillian Blackburn or Richard Clarke.

Derek may be able to incorporate some matches in the margins of the Club Sessions as in previous years. Please do not rely on these times as priority is given to Club tennis. Let Derek know in advance if you want to play and he will use the whiteboard to keep track.

Good luck and have fun in all events!

Iain Brown, David Gould, and Kim Foy