After the recent change in advice from the government and the LTA, our tennis courts are now open to both singles and doubles play, however with some notable points. Please read the list below carefully.

  1. 1. The club is open to both singles and doubles play.
  2. 2. All people playing must be a paid up member, no visitors are allowed at the moment
  3. 3. If anyone under 16 is playing then at least one member of the same household group must be a senior member or a parent must sit at the side of the court
  4. 4. You must book a court before coming to the club – do not just turn up
  5. 5. Please only book courts 1, 2, 3, 5 or 6. Do not book court 4
  6. 6. Please use clearly marked balls to avoid confusion
  7. 7. The clubhouse remains available for first aid or the defibrillator and emergency toilet use only
  8. 8. Please leave the club gate open when you leave

WE MUST ALL FOLLOW GOVERNMENT AND LTA GUIDELINES for all our safety and for the sake as the club. Social distancing is still essential.

Do not come to the club for at least 7 days if you have covid symptoms.

Do not come to the club for at least 14 days if anyone you live with has covid symptoms.

Thank you for your cooperation. Please bear in mind that these regulations might change if advice changes. Best wishes to you all