This was the 2nd match of the season and was played on an artificial clay surface at Claygate.


Epic, lengthy sets were played by 1st pair, James Clarke and Patrick Sullivan who won individual sets and drove both Claygate teams to the Championship tie-break decider and did manage to defeat the 2nd pair.

1st pair scores were:

– 1v1 – 2-6,6-3, 0-1(TB)

– 1v2 – 3-6,6-4,1-0(TB)


2nd pair, Jim Langan (Capt) and Colin Taylor were defeated in both rubbers struggling to come to terms with the clay surface and superior Claygate strategy.

2nd pair scores were:

– 2v2 – 3-6,3-6

– 2v1 – 0-6,2-6


Pit Farm gained no points in this fixture but promotionĀ is still possible this season with 3 matches left to play.

Jim Langan